Below are official versions of PowerPool DAO/PowerAgent/Illuminati online graphics, infographics and NFTs:

PowerPool DAO Official Logos & Imagery

CVP Logos - SVGs for DEXs

(someone please post our official CVP/xCVP logos here in SVP format for CEX/DEXs...)

Forum PFPs & NFTs for xCVP Illuminati

PowerPool should commission a series of NFT images based on the legends of the Illuminati, to be used for a Limited Edition series of NFTs redeemable for a fixed amount of staked xCVP, i.e. a share in the future value of the PowerPool DAO Treasury. The artists will receive commissions in CVP each time the NFTs change hands/wallets...forever.

Illuminati/NFT Logos

QR Codes for website & widgets: