PowerInside Security Lab’s mission is to make DAOs secure. We are very grateful for their help with ensuring Ukraine DAO’s operational safety.

How they work

Approaching an audit, Power Inside first focus on gathering all available information about a DAO, exactly as a hacker would do. This includes looking at documentation, social media chat rooms, open source repositories, and deployed smart contracts, for example.Then, they analyze the information and create diagrams of your deployed resources. They check their findings against known vulnerabilities and recorded attacks. They examine dApps and smart contracts against the best coding practices. They verify your business logic.

Finally, they compile a report and present their findings as well as recommendations along with corresponding risk levels assessment. They advise how you can resolve each problem. Additionally, they offer you an opportunity to retest your DAO to ensure that you are decisively fully secured.

Please email them at info@powerinside.com and we will promptly get in touch with. Also, you can schedule the 15-minute discovery call with them.

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