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A long time ago, The A.V. Club used to do a thing where they distilled a discography down to an hour-or-so playlist and called it the "Power Hour."

They stopped doing that, and I decided that it'd be a good way to a) introduce myself to artists through the creation of one of these playlists as I discover their discography and b) make nice and listenable playlists out of some of my favourite acts in hopes to introduce others to their work.

<aside> ❓ Generally, I try to strike a balance of lesser-known songs and some of the hits. I don't want these playlists to be "greatest hits" where it's just all the biggest songs or singles from a group or artist and that's it. Often I will try to include a song or two from each "era" of longer-running acts, as well as underrated or deeper cuts. Sometimes I probably fail at this! I'd love to know what people think of these playlists, or who they think I should try next.


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8Ball & MJG

A Tribe Called Quest

Alkaline Trio

Antarctigo Vespucci

Archers of Loaf

Arctic Monkeys

Aretha Franklin


Atom & His Package

BA Johnston

Ben Kweller



Bomb The Music Industry!



Britney Spears

🆕 Broadcast

Bruce Lee Band

Built to Spill

Butthole Surfers

Call Me Lightning


Carly Rae Jepson

Charly Bliss



Cloud Nothings