Im not that used to talking about my work so I felt as though I kind of blanked on some obvious stuff. When you asked me if there was a common thread that runs through my work I wasnt sure how to answer but once I reflected on our convo it seemed obvious.

Common thread

I find the complexity of computers, electronics and software fascinating from what they are physically constructed from to how they effect society and individuals. I think we are still uncovering much of the side effects of creating a convenience bubble for ourselves with apps for everything and machines to do labour etc. In the same way that western society has sent manufacturing into other countries we have offloaded many inconveniences onto other people, who we neither see nor hear from and turn a blind eye to. I find myself contemplating things like having an algorithm as a boss or what kind of computer could even be made without a global network of colonial capitalist mineral extraction. I think using the word "technology" for everything from robots to apps is kinda boring. A hammer and nail are technology as well, but people have connotations with the word that I really would like to try and avoid. This sort of ties into how I make work (or maybe try to ) that is idea first and technology second. So in essence I try to include a critique of technologies ,or our uses of them, in my work most times.

With my work I try to explore and critique emerging norms of our uses of technology like in these works:

Distance Poem

Prototype For an Honest Interface

Three Way Mirror

In illustrative and visual art work I find myself just exploring shapes and forms and not thinking too much about how it will be interpreted, like in these projects :

Moniker Press Calendar

Painting and illustration

Mask project