Thank you for your trust and openness to receive this gift of healing.

We are reaching out to you as you have recently gone through a spirit surgery by the archangels, angels and energies coming through the channel to provide healing in the session that you visited.

The spirit surgery is for many a powerful experience that carries a multitude of positive results, some of which are short-term felt and seen and others are longer term.

Like with any work of similar intensity and strength, they days after the session the work continues and can at times be even more powerful than the session itself.

This healing work carries on for 2-3 days for most participants, and smaller percentage close to a week or up to 10 days.

During the days after the session, some of the symptoms can be experienced as:

All of these symptoms are temporary and are the side effects of incredibly powerful work being done on you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, in a very short period of time. All symptoms pass after latest a week after the session.

In general we like to hear from you the benefits that you are experiencing during, shortly after and longer term after the session, how this work has been impacting your life and your being. Some of the aspects that we have collected and can categorize so far as benefits observed by participants are: