While chat rooms are great for casual, spontaneous conversation, post rooms are forum-style spaces that are better for announcements, longer-form discussions, and more structured conversations.

In a post room, people can create a post with a title and body and other folks can comment on the post in a threaded-format.

By upvoting a post, people in your group can signal what they think is most valuable and elevate the best content for everyone else.

Then, everyone can sort and filter how they view the content in the room, either by most recent, most popular (i.e. most upvotes), or most commented on.

Creating a post

Posts can contain text/links, as well as Images/Videos/Files, GIFs, a Poll, or an Event.

To create a post...

On Web / Desktop

  1. In a post room, click the "Post" button
  2. For a normal post with text, images/videos/files, and/or links, add a title (required) and body and click "Post". You can also create Event and Poll posts.

On Mobile