These are some of the projects that I’ve worked on, as well as code samples which I think demonstrate my understanding.

My proficiency is primarily in Python and TypeScript-based systems, although I did take an algorithmic programming subject in C and have a good idea of the basics of the language. I have worked with LaTeX typesetting before. Furthermore, I have rudimentary experience with Matlab, Mathematica, Colab, and Jupyter environments.

I am open to learning new languages and frameworks if required. Very interested in getting experience working in R.

Table of Contents

2023: Lookahead


GitHub - TheEpicCowOfLife/lookahead: A semester planner for students at The University of Melbourne.

Lookahead, originally released by Rohyl J., is a University of Melbourne semester planner which has been used by upwards of 25,000 students. As Rohyl was too busy to maintain the codebase, I was part of a small team who forked the original project with the aim to modernise the codebase and implement new features. While working on this project, I learnt how to:

2022: COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms