I’ve written a number of novels (Numbercaste, The Inhuman Race and sequels*, The Salvage Crew).* I write primarily in the field of SFF; it’s a vast canvas that lets me toy with ideas I find interesting. I also occasionally work with AI and software of my own design, pursuing a human-AI collaborative thesis; I’ve explored this in work with Wired, Slate and Google Research.

Novels and other major work

The Salvage Crew (2020). A C-tier salvage crew sent out to scrap a downed colony ship. An AI poet overseer fueled by an actual AI poet (OSUN / The Poetry Machine). A strange intelligence that plays the language game. This book was **listed by Polygon as one of 2020’**s best SFF books, became an Amazon and Washington Post bestseller, and was narrated by Nathan Fillion.

Sonnet for the Subconcious War, and other poems from the Automaton (2019). A poetry collaboration between my retrained GPT-instances and Dr. Samuel Peralta, bound for the Moon via the **Lunar Codex project.**

The Commonwealth Empire trilogy (2018-present). Beginning with the Inhuman Race, this trilogy explores a machine uprising in a biopunk British Raj where Ceylon still remains under colonial rule.

Numbercaste (2017). My first novel, set in a near-future world where one tech startup sets out to upend the world of credit scoring - and ends up writing the formula for the future.

I also work on a fictional, open-source city called Witness over at the SciFi Economics Lab. I’ve written lore, designed cults around rational risk-taking, and designed a card game to let people test out policies from vastly different social contracts against an oncoming apocalypse.


I’ve contributed to Neurocracy (2021), a conspiracy thriller / murder mystery set in the pages of a rapidly mutating, near-future Wikipedia. Neurocracy won the New Media Writing Prize and was the nominated for IGF Excellence in Narrative award.

I also co-designed Witness: the Game (2021), a card game that puts you in charge of different societies facing a wave of Black Swan events (from pandemics to market crashes). You play policies depending on the type of society you run. For example, a capitalist cyberpunk world responds very differently to a religious autocracy.

Short stories

Here are some short stories: they’re an easy way to dip your toes and see if you like my work.