✅ General Recommendations

Some general rules apply when selecting what to include in any portfolio, regardless of role.

Choosing What to Showcase.

<aside> 💡 A 'project' is not necessarily a single game, but moreso a collection of closely related work tied together by a strong common thread. For example, one 'project' could be a set of all of your best Achievement Icons created over multiple games.


<aside> 💡 If you want want a second opinion on what to showcase, drop by and ask in the #share-your-work or #level-up channels on the We Can Fix It In UI Discord.


The Portfolio Sandwich.

Across many disciplines, particularly succesful portfolios tend to follow a format colloquially referred to as ‘The Portfolio Sandwich’, which outlines both the content, as well as the sequence in which elements are presented within a project showcase. The ‘Sandwich’ is typically composed of the following:

🍞 Hero Intro in the form of the strongest high-fidelity visuals of the final product. This serves to draw the viewer in. 🧀 Design Process outlining the context of the work, and allowing space to show off your approach, strategy, and method of working. This also allows stage-setting for the following layer of the sandwich… 🥩 Static Images of the results of your work, allowing readers the opportunity for closer inspection of the bulk of the pieces. These can also be complemented by motion piece. However, static imagery is essential as video content can sometimes be difficult to review at the desired level of detail. 🥬 Technical Breakdown of the work. This is used to showcase technical understanding, and as a demonstration of system-level thinking throughout the project. This could include typography specimens, colour palettes, ‘under the hood’ asset deconstruction samples, among others. 🍞 Hero Outro in the form of a different set of high-quality, high-fidelity visuals of the final product. This serves to end the showcase on a high note, rewarding the reader for their time, but most importantly, serving as a parting reminder of project quality.

Portfolio 'No-No's.

🎩 Discipline-Specific Recommendations

Expectations from portfolios tend to vary quite a bit from discipline to discipline. Below, you can find some guidelines on best practices for various areas of focus.

UI Art & Design.