Welcome to Polywrap DAO! We're a decentralized community of builders, operators and thinkers working together on the infrastructure to scale web3 to the masses.

🧰 What We're Building

Our first product is the Polywrap Development Platform which enables developers to build a new kind of SDK for connecting with Web3 protocols. Polywrap uses WebAssembly (Wasm) to generate Polywrap wrappers that are portable, easy to use, safe, and upgradable. Unlike traditional SDKs, Polywrap wrappers are multi-platform and secure by default. Additionally, Polywrap makes it easy to combine and extend wrappers enabling advanced application development.

🍿 Our Story

The inspiration for Polywrap came from the enormous complexity of connecting Web3 protocols in order to develop compelling new applications. Our suite of developer products simplifies this workflow. In 2020, we won the HackFS hackathon and since then, formed a DAO that has attracted talented contributors and strategic partners from all around the world.

💫 Why Work for Polywrap?

We're building the infrastructure today that will make web3 thrive in the future. Our toolchain makes the web3 development experience 10x better, and we believe it to be the catalyst that will help the crypto space scale to people all around the world.

On top of meaningful work, we have generous compensation and perks. Learn more about what it’s like to work for Polywrap **here**.

🖊️ How to Apply

Email your resume, GitHub, and the position of interest to kevin@polywrap.io. Share with us why you would like to work with us and why you’re the right person for the role.

<aside> 👋 Please note that these postings are for independent contractors. The selected applicants will be responsible for any tax reporting and payment obligations that may arise from work performed. Also note that approval will be subject to the DAO’s governance process.



Developer Relations Lead

Product Manager

General Application