VPIP and PFR - Poker Statistics

VPIP: Voluntarily Put In Pot ⇒ limping (as BB), calling, raising during pre-flop

PFR: Preflop Raise ⇒ Raise or re-raise during pre-flop

The gap between VPIP and PFR is good to be small (VPIP always higher than PFR) because calling too often rather than raising is not a good aggressive poker strategy.

Player types:

Unopened Preflop Raise (UOPFR) - Poker Statistics

UOPFR: Unopened Preflop Raise ⇒ “the percentage of hands in which a player raises preflop when the action folds to him”

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 7.50.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 7.50.25 PM.png

Blind Stealing - Poker Statistics

BSA: A blind steal ⇒ Raise from late position or SB to unopened pot in the hope to get others to fold.

FB: Folded to Steal Attempt ⇒ “Stealing the blinds against weak, tight players with a high FB is the closest thing to printing money in online poker. If you are on the dealer button and are facing two players that have over 65% FB, you can open almost any two cards profitably.”

Always folding from BB means that you lose 100bb/100 hands. The goal of defending blinds is to reduce this number. -20bb/100 is good but it’s possible to reach -15bb/100.

3-betting and 4-betting - Poker Statistics

F3B IP: Fold to 3-bet preflop in position ⇒ 👇