Imagine: a school-wide platform for positive behavior points tracking.

You can even document and analyze negative behavior without taking away from student participation in your rewards system. Learn more β†’

Award points instantly, from classroom to cafeteria.

Organize Students by Rosters

The right group of students is just a click away. Edit your rosters any time, and even share with other teachers! Learn more β†’

Search for Student by Name

Award students to points in the hallways or cafeteria without knowing what class they are in.

Select Multiple

Track behaviors for multiple students and categories at a time. Much faster than paper!

Make points fun for students. And you πŸ˜‰

Sounds & Popups

Students will hear the β€œding” and know points are being awarded. Optional popups add to the experience on your projector.

Random Select

Cold call students to get everyone participating and earning points. We’ll keep track to make sure every student gets a turn.

Comment bank

Add positive details for students, parents, and other staff to see. Use the comment bank to save time with your favorite sayings.

Customize to your school culture and data goals.


The rubric is where your school culture vision comes to life as concrete expectations.

Plan your Rubric β†’

Instant updates. Weekly feedback.

Weekly Student & Parent Recaps

Students and parents receive a weekly recap of every teacher's points and comments, plus a live point balance.

Learn more about parent communication β†’