Poems by me

Serious ones

Ode to the third quarter of 2019


To presume


From the window

Quarantine, 2020

I cannot write this poem

The work of water, the work of land

Nevin in Bogota

Funny ones

Barbarian love poem

Step into my value space

Stories by me

🔗 Greater Mind: A novel

Bay Area: A One-Act Play

Poems by other people that I like

Becoming a light in the darkness | Egyptian Book of the Dead (trans. Normandi Ellis)

Hurling Crowbirds at Mockingbars | Buddy Wakefield (Video)

Humility before Ceres | Anonymous

Come Healing | Leonard Cohen

Basket of figs | Ellen Bass

Love Sonnet XI | Pablo Neruda

Noise & Silence | Richard Linklater