Poems by me

Serious ones

To unknow you (a love letter)

Ode to the third quarter of 2019


To presume

A view from lust


From the window


Alone with the hornet

I cannot write this poem

The work of water, the work of land

The question of mist

The mist at Orada

The way you change me

My scars reflect light

The thief’s punishment

I see you falling

Nevin in Bogota

Funny ones

Barbarian love poem

Step into my value space

Meanie Dakini

Stories by me

🔗 Greater Mind: A novel

Bay Area: A One-Act Play

The Hard Problem of Consciousness


Dreaming Darla

Poems by other people that I like

Becoming a light in the darkness | Egyptian Book of the Dead (trans. Normandi Ellis)

Hurling Crowbirds at Mockingbars | Buddy Wakefield (Video)

Humility before Ceres | Anonymous

Come Healing | Leonard Cohen

Basket of figs | Ellen Bass

Love Sonnet XI | Pablo Neruda