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Quick hits:

Podia is hiring a creative content marketer. This person will be tasked with writing long-form content for the Podia blog and short-form copy for email, social and landing pages. Read the full job description here.

The job:

This is a writing-heavy role best suited for a mid-career content marketer. We'd consider this a classic content creator role—you'll be writing for the blog, but also email, social and landing pages. This was a common role ~5 years ago but has been replaced by more specialized roles in recent years. We consider this a great opportunity to use your writing skills to have an impact across a few different parts of the business.

<aside> 💡 Podia is definitely a "content-first" company. They excel at storytelling. They create a lot of content, their customers create a lot of content, their CMO Len Markidan is a longtime content marketer. Content is definitely not an afterthought here. A quick look at their Ahrefs profile shows that they are competing well in a crowded market.


You'll need to be confident in your writing skills and you'll also need well-rounded marketing skills. The right person can switch between content, email and social effortlessly. (This is actually really hard to do!) More exposure to the rest of the business very often creates new opportunities outside of content. (If you're ultimately looking to do more than write, this is a good thing.)

Podia has a full-time editor, an existing content strategy and a few other content creators on the team. This person will work with that team but won't run the show. We do believe it's a good opportunity to hone your skills if you hope to one day run content marketing at a SaaS company.

On a personal note, I've worked with CMO Len Markidan and have been really impressed by him. When he says he wants high-quality content, he really means it. Working with Len alone makes this a great opportunity.

The company:

Podia is SaaS app that helps creators make a living online. Users can create, sell and run courses as well as paid memberships and digital downloads. Check out some of their customers to see who you'd be writing for.

The company is fully remote and has been that way since it was founded in 2014. It has 21 full-time employees and $2.6 million in funding. Of note for this person who fills this role, Podia has an existing content team + strategy. This person will work with a full-time editor and several other content creators.

Podia recently announced a few diversity initiatives. They've donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, are forming a Black Creator Council to help them better support customers and are hiring a recruiting consultant to bring more diversity to their hiring process. They'll also be spotlighting some of their black creators in an upcoming interview series. It's great to see a company putting their money where their mouth is.

The benefits: