📣 Summary

<aside> 💡 The Podcast Hatchery is a revenue-producing and mindshare-expanding opportunity to drive the Bankless message and vision. It will empower individual creators to develop their own content, improve their production skills, grow an audience, etc.


Important Documents and Resources

Podcast Hatchery Season 4 Proposal

Podcast Hatchery S4 Proposal

Slide deck presentation for GC and Hatchery training

Bankless Podcast Hatchery S4

Legacy Documents

Bankless DAO Podcast Network Process Manual

Podcast Hatchery Program Process Description

Media Nodes Protocol

Process Workflow Diagram https://lucid.app/lucidchart/9ebcaf20-e8fc-4196-81ca-3cdc013ece1a/edit?invitationId=inv_d30d46eb-5a2f-4e4e-8328-1a5c5605775f

Pillars of Podcast Incubation

Wiki - how to, tips, techniques

Important Links

Season 3 Funding:

Coordination Squad

Funded Show Pages: