Who can use this tool?

Any Stem user with the ability to upload content can submit a pitch on content they uploaded.

Why should I use this tool?

Stem works closely with editors at all the major platforms to secure placement on popular platform-curated playlists. To be considered, please use Stem's Playlist Pitch tool before your release's live date. The tool collects helpful information about the artist and release so that Stem's editorial team can strategically pitch it to the platforms.

You may submit 1 playlist pitch per release. We cannot accept playlist pitches for release drafts.

How do I submit a playlist pitch?

  1. Log into Stem

  2. Navigate to My Content and find the release you'd like to pitch

  3. Click the "Submit a playlist pitch" button


  4. Fill out the form to your best ability! Stem leverages the metadata (Title, UPC, Label, Artist, & Genre) that you already submitted as part of the Upload flow. If any metadata is incorrect, you will need to submit an Edit Request.

    The more information you can provide about the artist and the release, the better!

    Stem can pitch your release to all platforms, but if you have specific marketing plans for particular platforms, please include those details.


    <aside> 📌 Focus Track: Since playlist pitches can only be submitted on the release level, if your release has multiple tracks, please select the specific track that you want editors to listen to.



    <aside> 📌 Import Marketing Information Shortcut: If you submit playlist pitches for 1 artist often, you can import Artist Marketing information like the artist description and social media from a previously submitted pitch!



    <aside> 📝 TIP: Your submissions will go directly to Platform Playlist Editors. Please be professional and double-check your work before submitting.


    <aside> 🔉 Please note: Playlist Editors will receive a link to preview the audio track that you uploaded to Stem.


When should I submit a playlist pitch?

The short answer is as soon as possible.

For the best chance of editorial placement, please use Stem's Playlist Pitch tool at least 3 weeks before your release's live date. This provides our editorial team with enough time to craft a strategic pitch and get it in front of editors. Technically, you may submit a release up until 24 hours before the live date, but once a release is live on any platform, the Playlist Pitch Tool will be unavailable.

We have regular proactive conversations with the DSPs regarding editorial and larger opportunities which range from 3 weeks - 6 months out. These include conversations surrounding moments (i.e. Holidays, Pride programming, Black Music Month, AAPI Month, etc.). Please submit any long-term tentative release dates to this form (you may edit this submission as dates/details change).