Role Product Marketing and Restaurant Success Intern

Company Playfull

Tasks Experience Design

Date November 2018 - January 2019



To highlight the impact Playfull was providing for restaurants our team wanted to create something that would automatically update the manager and fit easily into their weekly schedule. Phase one consisted of designing how to show users redeeming our in-app Playfull rewards a the restaurant. Phase two consisted of including customer insights which otherwise were manually sent to the manager. I worked closely with one developer, our founder and our director of restaurant partnership.


Restaurant managers are busy, manage hundreds of emails day-to-day and want to track how services and rewards are impacting their bottom line. Another closely tied problem is how damaging Yelp reviews are to customer value - losing one customer to a bad review costs a restaurant 100s of dollars of lifetime value. With our app, Playfull wanted to provide valuable insight so managers can improve the customer experience without damaging loyalty.


I designed a modular email system that would communicate how Playfull was benefitting restaurants both with the aggregated transactional data and individual customer comments. Inside of our app, after users redeem an in-app reward at a partnered restaurant, the user would be prompted to review the location. This information would be aggregated and the worst and best reviews would be included in the weekly email.



Working closely with our director of restaurant partnership, I gathered insights from managers at partner locations. Managers are extremely time conscious and already receive too many emails, if we were able to aggregate the information and only send one email every week, it was a redeeming quality that would make Playfull seem less like spam and more integrated in the managers week.


I designed mobile first using the grid systems within Sketch to format my designs tot the proper dimensions. Using a modular system, I created cards for each designated section. For Phase one this mainly focused on aggregated sales data including the daily amount of rewards are being used, how this has affected the bottom line and what rewards they were mostly using. For Phase two understanding an aggregated user rating, including comments, and providing constructive feedback.

The first iteration of the email, I did not start designing for mobile first. I soon after learned this and started adapting the designs.

The first design included three modules, one for weekly transactions showing how many users used a unique rewards, weekly sales tracking how valuable the total reward use was, and highlighting three top customers.

The company also went through branding changes from Phase one to Phase two, that are seen more clearly in the updated email.

In-app, I worked with another product designer on building out the user flow for how users would input feedback.