DOOHad supports a number of different playback devices (contact your reseller or Acquire for more information), and simply refers to each playback device as a 'screen'.

Before any content can be scheduled to play on a screen, you need to add the devices to your portfolio by following the steps below.

Adding a Unit

To add a new unit into Doohad, navigate to Locations in the side menu.

All Screens need to be at a 'Location'. These are usually physical locations you install the players into, and help when scheduling content to find similarly located screens (you can also use Groups to link the screens together too).

If you need to create a new location then you will need to create a New Location. Click "Create Location" in the top right hand corner

The details are not used by the system, but are there to assist your users in understanding the location when selling inventory.

Once you have a location to assign the screen to, or if you just want to add an new screen to an existing location click on Create Screen: