<aside> πŸ’‘ We refer to the Omega Keys as Keys, Voxos with an Omega Key as KeyVoxos, and Omega Rewards as Rewards.


Let's go through how VoxoDeus orchestrates the Omega Key Game and other practical instructions for players. For the game's mechanics and how to play, please see the Rules


1/ Game Summary

<aside> πŸ† Objective : Be the first to collect the required number of Keys and claim a Reward


How to play

  1. πŸ—οΈ Get a Key - Get a KeyVoxo in your wallet, either by:
    1. Owning the Voxo when its Key is assigned
    2. Acquiring the Voxo after its Key was assigned
  2. βœ… Register each Key - go to voxodeus.io to register a Key on-chain. Only registered Keys count towards your collection.
  3. 🏡️ Collect Keys - collect the required number of Keys for a Reward.
  4. βœ… Claim a Reward - go to voxodeus.io and claim your Reward, if it’s still available.

2/ Game Launch