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<aside> 📢 Plasma membrane are bilayers of lipids that are key components of our cells. They are also can be difficult to draw by hand. But with some tools, we can create a lipid bilayer in 4 steps.


1 | Creating a Circle

One as part of creating the phospholipid head, we first need to draw a circle. Inkscape has many pre-made shapes such as circles, squares, and stars. There are three components in Inkscape to focus on: shapes/objects, paths and strokes.

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2 | Creating (Lipid) Tails

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Now that we have our circular tails, we need to some swirly tails. We can use the freehand draw tool (✏️). But in order to make the line smoother, we are going to make a few modifications.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 11.39.57 AM.png

This will apply a smoothing algorithm to the line we create with this tool such that the squiggly lines we create do not look jagged.

3 | Turning Shapes/Objects into Paths

Now that we have our circle and squiggly lines, we need to turn these into paths. T