Planting our Forest of Hubs

In the business of pioneering, every year is start-up year. Every project is foundational, and every season is a planting season. We look into the future of thrive and we don’t see an end goal, we see thriving as perpetually growing — growing in capacity to reach more children with our individualised schooling; growing in access to tools that improve the efficacy of our individualised approach; growing in infrastructure to support our incredible teachers who are key to doing this good work, and doing it well.

thrive is living up to its name in 2022 as our one Hub we have been tending from sapling to tree is now the first of a forest of Hubs, each growing in their own unique and diverse directions, but part of a cohesive eco system of community and culture. Here’s a look into each of our Hubs and the lifestyle of learning you’ll discover in each space.



Our Paardeberg students enjoy an organic day of book based, experiential and nature based learning. A warm classroom space, wide open to the natural surrounds, encourages a blend of spontaneous and intentional learning opportunities. With ample opportunities for discovery and adventure, the kinaesthetic and inquisitive child is able to excel in this thrive setting.



Our Alberton Hub is a haven of learning in the hustle of Randhart. Wide open garden spaces and warm, homely classrooms invite our Alberton students to effective learning, playing and growing.

All through the gardens and classes there is a buzz of happy energy as students interact with their teachers and each other in a dynamic flow of collaborative and individualised learning. Alberton Hub is a school where grace, kindness and good fun are core to the hub community.