GlobalReader Planner is an online work scheduling tool for production planners that helps to combine resource and order planning with machine real-time tracking in one eco-system - plan versus reality.

With the GlobalReader Planner module production planners can:

Good to know! How Planner, Shopfloor Feedback and Analytics work together?

  1. Orders are added to Planner
  2. Planned orders are seen for operators in the Shopfloor Feedback feature - start, pause and end the order
  3. Analyze the production information for orders using Analytics Plan log report - report will be added as soon as Planner feature is activated

Please read in more detail about Planner´s functionalities and how-to-s:

How to add an order?

How to schedule orders to the workstation?

How to monitor orders in real-time - order statuses?

How to analyze the production plan?


If you have any questions regarding Planner functionality, then please reach out to the Support team via

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