The climate crisis will trigger the biggest capital shift in history. Plus, if we don't invest in technologies to solve it, we're fucked.

ℹ️ TL;DR:

Planet+ Capital is my new rolling fund, where I will centralize all of my investments in climate-positive (and carbon-negative) technologies.

I've been exclusively investing with this singular focus for the past 2.5 years, and I've been completely amazed by the quality of the dealflow I've been finding - so given I'm going to run out of money if I continue at this pace, I've decided to raise external capital.

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Previous Portfolio

☢️ Seaborg - Molten salt based nuclear energy reactors.

🛩 Heart Aerospace - Electric mid-range airplanes.

🌬 Traverse - AI-driven prospecting for hydro, solar and wind locations.

🐛 Entocycle - Decentralized, automated insect farming for fishmeal.

🌳 Pachama - Reforestation through automated Forest Carbon Offsets.

🍄 Mushlabs - Alternative protein from fermented mycelium.

💶 Tickr - Mobile-first impact investing platform.

💾 Net Purpose - Deep, company-level impact finance data provider.

🚁 Talyn - A new type of VTOL, electrifying mid-range transportation.

🏗 Thermulon - A new process to develop aerogel, a next gen nonflammable insulation material.

🏭 Opus 12 - Recycling CO₂ into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels.

💨 KiteKraft - Airborne wind energy generation.