An Interview with the Deputy Director (Placement)

How many companies and what roles do you expect in this placement season?

Going by last cycle's experience, we expect the placement season to start on time this year. The number of companies and the roles on offer, will not be very different from that of previous years. Despite the pandemic, companies showed interest to hire last year. We observed this trend across most of the sectors except a few such as travel, tourism, and hospitality.

The Edu-tech sector had an enormous appetite to hire. There is no need to have concerns about companies hiring our students. However, I have to caution that the recruiters have become picky and are particular about getting the right talent. The number of stages in the process, including multiple rounds of personal interviews, has increased. So, the only way to bag an offer at the earliest is by preparing for placements seriously and making use of all the training and support offered by the institute.

When can we know the list of recruiters this year to adjust our expectations accordingly?

In the 'PACT' sessions, we will be talking about different sectors and recruiters from these sectors. It will be sensible to prepare for opportunities in a particular industry than for a specific company. Based on your interest in a company, you can fine-tune your preparations.

How long can we wait for our preferred employer in our chosen specialisation?

While the placement cell can inform you about companies that visited us from specific sectors, it will be challenging to pinpoint the month when they will engage with us. It will be helpful to keep in touch with the placement managers to stay updated on specific companies' hiring trends and plans. This situation is dynamic. Let me add one more thing here. Sure, you can aim for a particular company/sector, but make it a point to look at allied opportunities.

What is likely to be the recruitment process online compared with a typical process done in person on the campus?

Concerning the selection rounds, there won't be much difference. Recruiters will conduct Aptitude tests, Group Discussion, and Personal Interviews. In the last cycle, we found that many recruiters expected a  'Video Resume'.

So, it is of paramount importance that all of you have an impactful 'Video Resume'. When someone is talking to you sitting across the table, it is much easier to connect. This advantage will be missing during online interactions. So, you need to compensate by displaying confidence, passion, and interest in engaging with the recruiters. Good communication skills would come in handy here.

Could you tell us about the salary range across sectors?

The salary range varies from sector to sector and from company to company in the same industry. In the initial months of the placement season, we do not entertain any company which offers a gross compensation (CTC) lower than our threshold. We make exceptions scarcely, if any, for companies with a good brand and a unique profile, where the long- term career prospects are good. We will be providing regular updates in the 'PACT' sessions. So, do not miss the 'PACT' classes.

Starting this month, what else should we be doing apart from writing our 'CV' as part of our placement preparation?