For the 2021.1 release, a new product named Pixyz Loader arrives! It lets you import pre-processed 3D/CAD/PC pxz files into your Unity editor / runtime applications, by script.

<aside> ⚠️ You will need a Pixyz Studio or a Pixyz Scenario Processor product to convert your original 3D/CAD/PC files into .pxz files, before importing them into Unity.





Why use Pixyz Loader?

Process: how to?

Development stage

  1. Step 1: get a pxz file. Either you've got already one, or you can use Pixyz Studio to convert manually one of your CAD/3D/Point Cloud to a .pxz file (and take advantage of this step to analzse your scene and check/repair it, if needed).
  2. Step 2: Download the Pixyz Loader, from our Gitlab, and then install the Pixyz Loader pkg into your Unity Editor project (set up guide here)
  3. Step 3: use this code samples into your script to launch the pxz import . Then adjust your code according to your needs.