What is a deal room? A deal room is your private space to organize pitch decks, manage a list of leads and deals, and store proposals and contracts. This template will help you track all sales prospects in one place and ensure you’re focused on the deals that matter the most.

<aside> 💡 How to use this template Add new sales prospects in the Pipeline database below.

  1. Click on the New button and then click New prospect.
  2. Fill in the details. Keep the Stage, Deal size, and Last contacted properties fresh.
  3. Connect Notion with Pitch to embed a live preview of the pitch deck slides you’ve sent to your prospect.
  4. Upload financial documents like invoices and contracts once you close the deal. 🎉


Click Deal board to create and see other views. Use Deal board to track prospects in your pipeline, Deal cycle to understand the time you spent selling, and All deals to see everything without filters. Already got a CRM? Add a new URL property for CRM profiles and link them.


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