<aside> 📢 Pipelines are available for all users, including Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans.


Pipelines help you enrich your Lists by allowing you to create various stages of a pipeline. Pipelines can be viewed and managed from a new tab on your list. Pipelines will not be seen by anyone outside of your workspace and Pipeline fields can be reused on multiple Lists.


Creating Pipelines

To create a Pipeline, go to the List that you wish to add a Pipeline to and either:

1) Click the '+ Create Pipeline' tab in the header of the page next to the 'List' tab:


2) Click the '+' column to the far right of the List table:


When you select the 'Add New Pipeline field' option, you will be prompted to name your new Pipeline. The new Pipeline field will need to have a unique name. You will also be asked to name your Pipeline stages:


This automatically generates a column with the ability to choose a pipeline stage in the cell of each row. As soon as the field is added, a new tab will appear on your List with the name of your Pipeline:


Note: You can edit, rename, and add Pipeline fields to any List in your workspace, including ones that your colleague(s) created.

Assigning Pipeline Stages to Entities

Users can manage an entity’s 'stage' by changing the value in the List cell or by dragging and dropping the entity in the Pipeline tab. If you drag the entity in the Pipeline tab, the Pipeline field value of the stage will change to reflect that.

<aside> ⚡ Pro Tip: Apply a filter inside your List by Pipeline stage.


Renaming a Pipeline Field or Pipeline Stages

To rename your Pipeline Field or any of the Stages, click the down arrow in the Pipeline column's header and select the 'Edit pipeline' menu item: