Pinply offers four main services.

Recommend music from friends, Main Feed

👉 The main feed has 'For You', '100', and 'Following' tabs. In 'For You' tab, Pinply's AI recommendation algorithm is applied to recommend music chart accounts and user accounts. The recommendation algorithm improves as user data accumulates.

👉 Easily select music with just one touch and swipe right to create playlists. Swiping left will take you to the page of the user who has the music in the playlist.

👉 You can meet various recommended songs in the main feed, such as playlists made by friends and recommended music playlists.

The new way of communication, music posting

👉 You can choose music that suits your photos while posting. You can post photos, music, and text together.

👉 You can express your mood and thoughts with music in various photos such as landscape photos and funny memes. You don't have to write anything. Your feeling and thoughts can be delivered to other users. Pinply's posting will be a new way of communication.

Global charts and Genre, Searching Function