First of all my English is quite poor, so I will try to be didactic 😅
If there is something that doesn't seem well explained you can contact me on Instagram: @Daniele71043


1.1 Basic Editing

The Automatic is always a good start when you don't have in mind the result you want to achieve

In this case i used a Jpeg, so the white balance starts with temperature and tint 0.

1.1.2 Presence: My goal here is to flatten the image as much as possible, so I down vibrance, saturation and clarity, I raised the dehaze a little to recover details from the reflection of the glass

1.2Tone Curve

Regarding the tone curve I don't have much to tell you, a separate guide should be made but my advice is to try to work in an "S" shape.

In this case, I raised the shadows and darks, I moved to the White curve (click on the white point) and I made an S, lowering the higlights to recover part of the sky.

Look at the histogram, before editing and after editing we balanced the peaks, so that we can work on the color

1.3 Calibration

The calibration tool is the last settings panel, but I personally use it as a second panel, here we start thinking about the look

This is the final result but it has been changed all the time during editing

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