This document details the mission, pillars, & goals of Next. The process that we follow to create this content and execute on it is detailed in Operations.


Our mission is our north star, it should determine our pillars and rarely change

DubHacks Next is an organization committed to educating and empowering the next generation of student founders and growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Washington.

Pillars & Goals

Our pillars are manifestations of our mission, each pillar has a vision we want to accomplish and goals that guide us to success

DubHacks Next has three key pillars: it's two tracks, Entrepreneurs in Residence and Projects, and the community around them both.



Although composed of multiple tracks, everyone forms a singular Next community. Collectively, the Next community is a group of UW students passionate about technology entrepreneurship and are actively building the future they want. Our vision is that Next is the community for technology entrepreneurship at UW.