I've been submitting images to mostly New Zealand Salons since 2008, though my records are better after about 2010. As well as the full list, below is a Gallery of those which have received special awards, and then a Gallery of others which were accepted or selected.

You'll see a few duplicates, of course, as some images are entered into several competitions. Click in a box to access a higher resolution version. As of September 2020 there are about 100 unique images here, gaining 26 awards and 103 acceptances. All images ©Neil Gordon.

Gallery of My Most Awarded Images


Gallery of Accepted and Selected(✦) Images


✦ The term "Selected" is used for the PSNZ National Exhibition, to emphasize that this is a selection process for a salon, not a judging process. Most other competitions use the term "Accepted" or "Acceptance".

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