A smartphone camera based application that seeks to improve the real-world observations that students can make.

<aside> 👬🏻 **Collaborators

Raphaël Perraud →** Product Design Théo Geiller → Product Design


<aside> 👨🏻‍💻 My Role :


<aside> ⏳ Date : February → June 2020


<aside> 🔨 Tools :


<aside> 🧠 Methodology :


🎯 Brief

Create a service/product that takes into account the learning constraints and new uses of digital technology for students. this experience must be in line with the identity of "L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique" and its values.

👨‍🎓 Context

Pseudo-Serendipity : "Looking for an accidental discovery"


🤔 Problem

How to create a habit of observing reality by using free time to enhance it in a work context?

🎯 Targeted needs

📸 Concept

Valuing the observations that we produces with our cameras