WordFest Live - a global 24-hour celebration of WordPress run by Big Orange Heart - will bring our community together in a safe environment. We are enabling freedom of movement to connect with people within the virtual event space.

WordFest Live is the Festival of WordPress, and you will have the opportunity to be featured during sessions and on stage.  Connect with more than 3,000 attendees from the WordPress community. The event is run twice a year on March 4 and September 9 and kicks off from 00:00 UTC; see your local time here.

We have a bit of fun by enabling attendees to jump in our virtual booth and take a snap of them at WordFest Live. As a thank you for your support, we’ll add your logo to the photo frame. We’ll encourage attendees to share their WordFest Live experience on social media with their photo booth snaps.

We’ve opened up sponsorship opportunities for each event — 3 packages — for individuals and companies to step in and help out. The total cost for each package is $2,000 ($1,650 as donation and $350 as advertising).


All sponsorship is offered at the complete discretion of the Big Orange Heart Foundation. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of support without limitation. All prices quoted are $ USD.

How This Sponsorship Benefits Your Business

Interested? Sure! Who doesn’t want to have fun at a mental health charity event, right? That aside, as a business owner, you’re likely wondering how this positively benefits your business.

Great question!

Drive Traffic to Increase Your Engagement

Benefit from the social engagement of attendees who expose your brand to a much larger audience. Your brand is shared by attendees on their social media platforms as well as those connected to them.

Strengthen Your Company’s Image

Highlight your commitment to mental health and well-being. By sponsoring this important cause, you attract media attention and set your company apart from others. This inspires brand loyalty, people love to support and spend their money with brands that invest in their community.

Excellent Value

With the wide coverage and saturated visibility, you receive excellent value for money. Each sponsorship option has its benefits, but if you’re looking for a low-touch and fun way to be seen by a global audience, this is the right choice for you.