Phlote is a community curated music discovery platform built as a DAO. is a music curation protocol that uses blockchain technology to enable curators to monetize their taste in music. Decentralizing curation is core to our mission and the first step to pushing music culture forward.

Phlote uses blockchain technology to incentivize music sharing through a game of curate-to-earn. Our process for selecting music is merit-based and run by community members dedicated to amplifying good music.

The Phlote economy is underpinned by a community token ($PV1) that can be freely earned on the protocol. Holders have the ability to collect music on the Phlote and decide how the treasury is used to continue building out the product and brand. Rewards are automatically distributed using custom smart contracts built by Phlote.

Our process is straight forward with none of the power dynamics or politics of the music industry.


✔️ Get Involved, Contribute

Phlote is a recommendation engine that’s powered by a community of new music lovers who make “yes/no” decisions on the music we release. Our aim is to curate the best new music feed on the internet by rewarding curators who find the highest quality gems, deep cuts, and undiscovered tracks.

Anyone can join Phlote DAO by sharing music on Each time a submission is cosigned by an existing Phlote token holder, 15 tokens are automatically distributed to the new member’s crypto wallet.

Once earned, tokens allow members to join the Discord community to learn about additional ways to contribute.

Once 50 tokens are collected, members unlock the ability to co-sign submissions on the site.

There are two ways to enter the Phlote DAO. One is by earning tokens by curating on The other is by acquiring a stamp via a daily auction (coming soon). Holders of at least 1 $PV1 token or $1 stamp can join the Phlote Discord at the link below.

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📋 Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page for more info

📋 Music Curation Protocol

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The Phlote music curation protocol is the smart contract logic and code that enables the automatic distribution of rewards for member engagement on the site.

The protocol is designed to enable any nmusic lover to capture the value generated from discovering and sharing music online. Music posted to the network and cosigned by token holders of the protocol to determine which music the DAO releases.

The Phlote curation protocol is connected to Zora’s decentralized marketplace protocol creating a pathway for any artist to mint music on the Ethereum blockchain without the restriction of gas fees. The bridge allows curation on to automatically launch NFT auctions on Zora, protocol-to-protocol.

Music that receives 5 cosigns is programmatically minted on Zora with gas fees paid by Phlote DAO in exchange for 10% of sale proceeds.