Meet people where they are.

Delightful, engaging, coherent design can transform people. And people have the power to transform society. Yet no matter how innovative, intelligent, or insightful your approach, impact will comes from meeting your people where they are.

Experiences cannot be designed.

Experiences don't happen on screens, they happen in human minds. You can't design specific experiences, but you can design for specific experiences. Involve your target audience every step of the way, and you can create artifacts that reliably produce a desired effect.

Clarity is beautiful.

If what you're offering is truly valuable, all you need to do is be simple, clear and direct. We love beautiful colours, fancy illustrations, and precise typography, but we see them as polish. Most important is to tell a clear story and solve real problems for those you serve.

You need to actually care.

To create lasting change, you need to actively listen to your audience. To actively listen to your audience, you need to actually care. When you actually care, it's a lot easier to set aside your biases and find authentic motivation to do your best work.

Great design comes from great culture.

Good design comes from good designers. Great design comes from great culture. This is why we address current gaps in user experience while simultaneously training teams and creating cultures of empathy and purpose within our partner orgs.

Rise the tide and float many boats.

We believe a one-size-fits-all model will never scale the depth needed to address our meaning crisis, especially given our diversity and the intimacy of our minds. That's why we help float many boats who raise their flags for mindfulness, compassion, and wellbeing.

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