April 2, 2021 - Led by Jared Spool

Lead your organization through a groundbreaking transformation to become UX driven.

Qualitative user research can only take us so far. Sure, we can tell great stories about the adventures and travails of the people we’re designing for, sharing their frustrations and delights with our products and services.

However, if we want to cement our executive’s commitment to better UX, we’ll need numbers. We’ll need to clearly show, on a large scale, that better UX is good for the organization. We’ll need Persuasive UX Metrics.

You’ll learn how to make your new UX Metrics persuasive so that…

Notes for today's discussion:


UX Outcomes

UX Success Metrics

UX Progress Metrics

Problem-Value Metrics

Pulling it all together

Leaders lead through persuasion.

Design is the rendering of intent.