March 30, 2021 - Led by Jared Spool

Your team can’t win the race if nobody can find the finish line.

We use UX Outcomes as our goal and UX Success Metrics to tell us the precise moment we’ve achieved them.

Smart teams focus on what’s most important to measure before they worry about how they’ll implement their measures. They identify what change they want to see in the world, then figure out the instrumentation to see that change the way they’d like.

You’ll learn how to create powerful Success Metrics so that…

Notes for today's discussion:

UX Success Metrics

How will we know the exact moment that we've achieved our UX Outcome?

The definitions of the Persuasive UX Metric framework.

Measure: an observable quantity of an object's state.

Metric: measures that we track.

Analytics: measures that computers can track.

The best UX success metrics are ultimately something the executive leadership cares deeply about.

This puts our work on their radar.

We're more likely to get their support.

The best UX success metrics are Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGs).

They are something that feels aggressive to achieve, yet inspirational.

They should feel a bit out of our comfort zone.