Unlimited personal time off

It's important that you are healthy and happy, at Remote, your health and the health of your loved ones comes before work. For this reason, you have unlimited personal time off at Remote. You are entitled to this even during your probation period. In practice, this means you don’t have to ask for permission when planning a vacation. However, you should over-communicate and inform your manager and peers to make sure that you and your team's responsibilities are covered.

We have a flexible working environment and want our team members to lean into our Ownership Value to take sufficient time off. There are crucial roles at Remote that could impact the business negatively if everyone is out of the office at the same time. We expect teams to plan along with their Manager, especially during holiday seasons. Over-communication and planning is always most ideal when scheduling your time-off.

Remote is a people-first company and will go above and beyond the statutory or compliance minimums in each country. You can use your personal time off for anything you like, including resting, taking a break from work, taking care of yourself, taking a vacation, taking time off for your wedding, volunteering in your local community, etc. PTO is when you will be away from your desk for 4 or more hours. You do not need to use your personal time off to do things such as household chores, personal errands, going to a doctor's appointment, going to the gym, taking a nap, or helping a loved one. What's important is planning and communication with your team and manager. If you have an urgent or high-priority task that you can't get done, let your team or manager know so that you can coordinate how that task will get done.

As you have access to unlimited personal time off and flexible working hours, it is totally your own personal choice if you want to work outside of normal working hours such as on weekends, or in the evenings. We expect you to own your work schedule, no matter where you are in the world, while staying in good communication with your team and manager. Should you find yourself needing to respond to an incident outside of business hours, such as a security breach that you must immediately address on the weekend, as a global policy, Remote prefers time for time / in lieu time to ensure you have adequate rest. Where possible, use your unlimited personal time off for in lieu time.

In many countries, there are minimum statutory requirements for paid time off. To remain compliant, and also to ensure that you are taking sufficient time off work for you, everyone at Remote should and is expected to take, at a minimum, 20 personal time off days per year. If you manage people, make sure to check on this as well.

Parental leave

Parental leave at Remote includes all types of long-term parental leave such as: maternity leave, paternity leave and adoption leave. You are eligible for parental leave from your start date at Remote but ensure to manage your workload with your team and manager.

You can take paid parental leave for 16 weeks during the first year of parenthood. If your local jurisdiction offers more, you are entitled to that. And if your local jurisdiction offers less, then you are entitled to our 16-week parental leave policy. We also offer a ramp up period to ease you back into work when you return from Parental Leave, you are welcome to work directly with your manager and our People Enablement Team on this plan. Please keep in mind that parental leave is a minimum of 4 weeks at a time, if you plan to take less than 4 weeks at a time this can fall under our unlimited PTO policy.

Kindly note, Remote references the above leave amounts which are inclusive of any local jurisdiction payments an employee is eligible for. So, if your jurisdiction of employment provides pay assistance for parental or extended leave, this should be applied and, in some cases, can replace Remote's contribution if it meets or exceeds our policy above. If your jurisdiction of employment provides partial pay assistance, Remote will contribute the remaining amount to reach 100% of base pay during parental leave.

For Sales team members who earn commission, please see the below page on our OTE compensation policy during leave.

To ensure we record Parental Leave accurately and work with our Payroll Team on parental leave payments, kindly email people@remote.com and cc your manager for visibility with the following information: