Ebook library

At freistil IT, we’re always learning. That’s why we offer every team member a personal Kindle ebook reader with access to our company library. If you’d like to read a book that isn’t yet in our Kindle library, simply order it. No matter what book it is, we’ll get it for you.

Unlimited vacation days

Instead of offering you a sick and vacation time allowance, we grant unlimited vacation time. You’re flexible in taking time off and the company doesn’t have to worry about counting accrued PTO.

See “Vacation planning” for the details.

Coworking allowance

Because we want our employees to enjoy the benefits of remote work, we subsidise coworking with a monthly allowance of 150 €. Simply file an expense with your coworking invoice.

Conference subsidies

If you’d like to attend conferences that are not on our company events list already, we’ll subsidise your registration fees with up to 100 € per month.

We encourage you to be an active participant, for example by giving a presentation or organising a BoF.