These are the carefully considered perks we offer the team. Full time (permanent) employees have access to everything listed here. Independent contractor, temporary, and part-time employee eligibility is as marked below.

Health Coverage

MeetEdgar/Roeder Studios covers 75% of the cost of premiums for Health, Dental, and Vision coverage for you and your dependents.

All benefits kick in on the 1st of the month following your hire date, assuming all enrollment forms are completed. New employees have 30 days from your start date to enroll. Existing employees may enroll at a later date if you have a qualifying life event, or during open enrollment periods.

Medical plans are available through UHC Medical. (Here's an FAQ from UHC regarding transgender benefits and coverage.) Dental and vision plans are available through Guardian.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

We offer Flexible Spending Accounts through WageWorks, which allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for out-of-pocket qualified medical expenses. All full-time employees are eligible for this benefit, even if you opt-out of health coverage.


All full-time employees are eligible for 401K benefits through Slavic401k (via Justworks).

MeetEdgar/Roeder Studios matches 100% of employee 401k contributions up to 3% of employee compensation, plus 50% of salary deferrals between 3% and 5% of employee compensation. No vesting! Matched funds are 100% yours immediately.

Family Leave

Congratulations, new parents! To help you celebrate the welcome of your new family addition (and get some much-needed family time and rest), we offer both primary and non-primary caregivers paid family leave as follows:

Primary Caregivers

Non-Primary Caregivers