Our perks enable working at Pento to be a fulfilling, healthy and happy experience.

Unlimited time off πŸ›Ό

It's important that we're well rested. We work hard at Pento and we want to enable you to find balance, and enjoy everything that you like to do when not working. Read more Unlimited time off.

Flexible working β˜•

As we have been remote-first since day 1, supporting our people working flexibly is within our DNA. Read more Our approach to flexible working.

Mental health support 🧠

Easy-to-access therapy (one-off or courses) and broader mental health support via Spill. Read more Mental health support.

Equity plan πŸ“¦

On top of a competitive salary, we offer every Pento employee an equity option plan so we can all can benefit from our success.

Comfortable workspace 🏰

Everyone at Pento receives an allowance to spend on Hofy, our tech and home-set up platform. You also have the option of expensing a desk at a co-working space of your choice if you live outside of London and Copenhagen, where we have fixed working hubs.

β€£ (internal)

Travel stipend πŸ’‘

We encourage everyone to visit and co-work with team members in other cities and we will provide you with a stipend of €150 per trip. This can be used to fund some of your travel, accommodation, or celebrating a milestone with your teammate.

Books πŸ“š

Tell us what you want to read in the #books Slack channel and you're free to purchase the book on a company card. All we ask in return is that you share a review of the book when you're done reading it β€” we love reading each others' reviews.

Team summits ✨

Summits play a hugely important role at Pento! Time spent together helps us get to know each other, strengthen our relationships, and push forward our growth. So far, we've been to Malaga, Milan, Tel Aviv, Budapest, Athens and Barcelona!