<aside> 🕊️ Welcome to your Performance Snapshot!

This snapshot is meant to uncover where your team currently stands by measuring the role expectations defined in our Progression framework ****versus **rate of growth.

What is rate of growth?** 📈 ****A person who is actively growing seeks out new challenges. They continually push their own boundaries (read boundaries, not limits which can lead to burnout).

A person who is passively growing may be doing well in their role, however they are stretched and have little room for new learning. Alternatively, are focused on becoming more comfortable or knowledgeable within their current role.

What to do? ❓ Think of your direct reports and place them in the appropriate category. When you think of your reports over time, this should give you a clear picture of where they are headed.

For a more detailed description of what each category means, check out A Closer Look.



Quadrant Summary


Perfectly Aligned

Most Wherebyrds should fall in or around the centre of the grid. This means that they are meeting the expectations of their role, as well as learning and progressing at the expected rate for their level. Expected rate of growth and learning varies for every level, however a general time frame is provided in the Take Flight: Progression Framework under the 'What's Next' section.



Most folks in this quadrant have been at Whereby for 6-12 months or more. They are likely folks that are content in their role, learning faster than expected and actively participating in creating their own growth. They are generally outperforming in their role expectations according to our Take Flight: Career Progression Framework and looking for new challenges. They may me good candidates to explore different tracks within their role. They are actively seeking growth. They effectively turn challenges into growth.



Folks in this quadrant are doing well and meeting or exceeding the expectations in the Take Flight: Career Progression Framework . However, they may need support as they are not actively participating in growth- this could be either through mentorship, training and coaching, or by managing their workload. Folks in this quadrant may be newly stepping into a role and growing into it, or are experiencing personal challenges in finding out what is next for them. At times we may all be in this quadrant, but we should move from this quadrant back to the centre with support.



Folks in this quadrant are eager to do well and looking for ways to grow and improve, however they are misaligned with their role expectations and not meeting the expectations in our progression framework. It is important that we assess whether the role they are in is right for them, or to recenter on the expectations of the role.



Folks here find it difficult to fulfil the basic expectations of their role, and are also not actively participating in growth. This means they are not meeting basic expectations and are also at capacity. Members of our team in this space should have their performance urgently addressed. Take a look at ‣