PerfectScore, Student’s First Super App: Social Academic Prep and Neobank Academic Prep: Education Access Acceleration “It is a truth universally acknowledged that elite parents, in possession of excellent jobs, want to get their kids into college.”


Current super apps target adults and overlook problems faced by students.


A super app that solve problems that every student will face worldwide: curriculum prep, exam prep, and paying for tuition affordably.


  1. In-app ads
  2. Student recurring subscriptions for curriculum and exam preps
  3. Tutor host exclusive channel for subscription fee

Student banking super app roadmap in 4 growth phases:

  1. Acquire students through curriculum and standardized entrance exam preparations
  2. Offer fintech services (specifically for international students. e.g., India)
  3. Provide white labeling service for companies to train their employees
  4. Enable international student resource

4 Phases