An experiment in diffracting to look beyond space and time in the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren, near Brussels connected through portals to Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Genoa.

<aside> ▪️ On the 19th of December 2020 Julie went to visit the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren, near Brussels in Belgium.



<aside> ▪️ We were with her with the intention to connect together through the visit.

We decided to facilitate the connection through ancestral portals, different for each of us (and secret to the public). Julie performed in place what was necessary to activate those portals.

Then Doerte from Barcelona, Maya from Berlin, Sherwood from Paris and Cristiano from Genoa, tuned in, and each one compiled a sort of time-stamped diary of what they were perceiving/doing (not visible to the others) while the visit was happening, and in a WhatsApp group Julie was sharing live some pictures/video/audio from the Museum.

In the end one of them collected all the time-stamped diaries and all the material exchanged in the WhatsApp chat and composed the following time-stamped diary without reporting who contributed with what.

The time-stamps where more than one diary/WhatsApp event overlapped are connected through AND.


09.50 I feel to go out of my morning routine, for today it feels clearly too squared, I need to let my body decide, not my mind

10.03 I notice my already clenched jaw are clenching even much more

10.05 Bakhita is transformed into Value by the mobile phone automatic corrector

10.09 clash of the modern and the ancestral, confusion. how should we connect?



10.17 arrive home AND I'm here and I deeply appreciate Julie your taking us with you there

10.18 those 2 buildings. modern and contemporary

10.20 begin recording AND ♥️

10.21 walking home from local market. construction workers shouting. the dust from the building site seems to be both enveloping and magnifying the human sounds AND smelling cinnamon AND squared. how can it be contained? really? you can't contain it, it's radiating everywhere, since centuries (shivering). it's patient because she has already all the alleys, and there's no hurry. it's a matter of scent, colour and body shaking. we should shake more. the invitation is always there. in the dark. underground. AND much better to do the ancestral way. lured by smells of cinnamon