Salarisbalie is our payroll specialist and makes sure we get paid correctly every month, Salarisbalie works within a tool called NMBRS. NMBRS is used for saving and monitoring all personnel files, personal information, holidays, dossiers, contracts, etc.

When you start at Blendle, you get onboarded in this system. Easy peasy, everything in one place.

You, HR and your lead have access to this self service tool.

So what can you do with Nmbrs? Next to accessing your personal information and contracts, you can also change your contact information yourself. Plus, requesting time off and claiming expenses just became a whole lot easier:

Handleiding NMBRS.pdf

ENG Manual Document viewer employer 2018.docx

ENG Manual Document viewer employee 2018.docx

NL Handleiding Zelfservice Werkgever 2018.docx

NL Handleiding Zelfservice Werknemer 2018.docx

NL Handleiding Salarisbalie App werknemer 2018.docx

NL Handleiding Zelfservice Werkgever Verlof inrichten 2018.docx