Together we share decades of experience bringing napkin sketches to life for diverse organizations, from seed-stage startups to global enterprises.

Jason Cremerius

Founder & Director

Jason is vision-focused but also sweats the details, having led product strategy and design teams at early-stage companies, served as a strategic advisor to investors and CEO-founders, and delivered consulting services to large enterprises in the US, Canada, and Japan.

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Jordan Young

Partner, Design

Jordan is a design guy, through and through, bringing a breadth of experience designing brand and product for startups, agencies, and enterprises. He is a rare creative who can code, and has a knack for quickly turning early ideas into something real.

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Ian Kwok

Founder-in-Residence, Ventures

Ian is combining his research in behavioral science with his personal experience in family entrepreneurship to solve the age-old problem of mixing friendship and business — with the help of decentralized finance.

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