Who We Are

Peko Produce is on a mission to reduce food waste and promote accessible, affordable food. Every year, $3.1 billion worth of produce is rejected due to cosmetic damage, while Canada is experiencing the highest increase in food costs since 2010. Food waste is also a major contributor to the climate crisis, contributing up to 10% of greenhouse gases every year.

Having just started in June 2021, we’ve already saved over 20,000+ lbs worth of food and saved over $85,000 for our lovely customers. We are backed by TELUS, NEXT Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada, and more. Fun fact: our co-founders, Sang & Arielle, are the youngest players by far to disrupt the archaic produce industry in Vancouver!

Our vision is to become Canada’s leading online grocery for reducing food waste. We’re looking for our first hire, a part-time Operation Supervisor, to shape the future and make a lasting impact on our broken food system.

This role is perfect for you if you are looking to work at the intersection of technology, logistics, environmental and social impact.

What a Good Fit Looks Like:

Day in the Life