Welcome to PeerCosign Devices! We will provide Laptops to African youth by installment payment.

We believe that access to laptops should not determine the future of any youth that is why we have developed a framework that enables access based on social credit and PeerCoSign.

PeerCosign Devices is an initiative supported by AfricaHacks, and Nanuric. We will add more partners in the coming weeks.


The current goals of PeerCosign Devices are to:

  1. Respond to qualified applications within 48 hours
  2. Respond to all applications within 7 Days
  3. Deliver in-country devices within 7 days of approval and
  4. Reward prompt payment with 💰 and punish defaulters will public shaming 💩

Anyone, anywhere, starting with Nigeria, can apply for a laptop via PeerCosign Devices.

Here's all the stuff you need to know to use or support PeerCosign Devices. Reach out to Africa_Hacks if you have any questions!

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