I work with an incredible team to build Peak Money, a banking platform for helping you save money for your future goals, adventures, and dreams. Our signature is the custom-generated peak for each of your savings goals (thanks to the great work by my friends and co-workers Lee Adkins and Michael Brooks, Jr.). We all started working on Peak together in 2018, hot off the heels of our previous projects at our original company Spire Labs where I was hired on in 2012.

Our current tech platform consists of an iOS app, a web app, and multiple supporting back-end services — all built by just one designer (Michael) and two engineers (Lee and I). It's been an intense journey of learning how to better focus and prioritize while continuing to deliver quality that allows us to punch way above our weight class.

While the tech side of the business is where I'm the most invested, we'd be nowhere without the amazing people on the business team and the Customer Success team. We've got our powerhouse of a CEO Mike Kramer with his decades of leadership in the banking world, and Jonathan Yagel is landing us new partners left and right. Meanwhile, Amber Cox is leading the way with our Customer Success team and helping create user experiences that leave people feeling more supported and connected than they've ever felt with any other platform.

Peak Money - Save better.