How to connect to external payloads, ADCS boards, etc...

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Whether soldering a board onto the SMT slots or using an SMT header, the payload pinouts provide access to 3.3V, UART, I2C, SPI, and VBATT (via PYLD VDD).

Payload Headers

The inner pads of the "payload slots" can accommodate standard 0.1" surface-mount headers. 2 row, 18 pos. surface mount headers (male or female) work best.

Header soldered to mainboardv01

Header soldered to mainboardv01

Example P/Ns:

  1. Amphenol 89898-309ALF
  2. Würth Elektronik 61031821821

Header Pinouts

Any of the pin names pictured above can be accessed in CircuitPython using the board object.

For example:

See Pin Muxing for more details on what pins can do what functions

Payload Board SMT Slots

Similar to the radio modules' surface mount mezzanine style, the payload board slots can accept custom PCBs soldered directly to the board. You can even span across two payload spots to accommodate larger payload designs.